Certainty in Uncertainty

  • Jared Pappas-Kelley

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Following lockdown, Invert/Extant press released a series of folios and texts as a publication/chap books examining themes from artists and theorists working during this historical moment.

'Notebook 1: Certainty in Uncertainty is the first folio I have been working on in an ongoing series of archival pigment prints. The series began as a reimagining of a conversation with Sylvère Lotringer speaking about Antonin Artaud that developed into the video and sound piece The Quiet Life and from exploring the experience of lockdown when the world became simultaneusly smaller and more expanded. The collection examines the relation between location and meaning through an unpacking of recent projects such as the Wooden Portent paintings, Desperately Seeking Louden, and a trip to the Hearst Castle when he was researching his book Solvent Form.'

The notion of a portent is intriguing in that it attempts to make a perceived truth in some way visible—one might say it points like a finger. As an artist, that is often what I find myself attempting, to make a truth visible and to bring it into proximity, so that it might be perceived before sticking my finger in your eye (oops, sorry I never said it always works, but there must always be some risk involved). Holding up a thing for you and saying silently this is important, it means something, and if you look in just a certain manner, you might see something previously imperceptible about yourself or this place where we are. Perhaps this and this are the same and this and that are not.

Period13 Sept 2021

Media contributions


Media contributions