Ep.32 Anti Doping Science Podcast: Discussing Hyperandrogenism in Athletics with Andrew Richardson

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In Ep.32 I sit down and discussing Hyperandrogenism in Athletics with Andrew Richardson. Andrew has a fantastic blog [strengthtrainingforyou.blogspot.com/] and has written a fantastic article on Hyperandrogenism inspiring this discussion. The governing body for athletics (IAAF) is going to introduce new rulings from 1st November 2018 where intersex athletes must have their serum testosterone levels below 5ng/dl if they want to compete in events from 400 up to the mile.

One athlete has already taken the rulings to the Court of Arbitration of Sport so we will see what happens when they get enforced next month. Be sure to check out Andrew's blog and also please subscribe to this podcast and share it online!


Sport, Doping, Anti Doping, Hormones, Transgender, DSD, IAAF, IOC

Period14 Oct 2018

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  • TitleEp.32 Discussing Hyperandrogenism in Athletics with Andrew Richardson
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