Experts analyse the best celebrity Poker faces

  • Mircea Zloteanu

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Expert commentary on the science of lie detection and the poker tells.

Period29 Jun 2016

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitleExperts Analyse The Best Celebrity Poker Faces
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    DescriptionStaying cool under pressure is one of the fundamental skills of a good poker player. This is widely accepted, to the point where “keeping a poker face” is a commonly used expression to describe a situation where a person doesn’t show their true emotions.
    Non-verbal communication has a long history, though, and is not limited to facial expressions. A study from Columbia University suggested that hand movement is the key to reading your poker opponent’s game.
    We asked a group of experts to study all non-verbal cues, from hand movements, gestures, and facial expressions, to choice of clothing and poise, in order to identify (in)famous instances where popular figures from politics, sports and entertainment were hiding their true emotions from the world, either through lies or by trying to evade uncomfortable situations.
    PersonsMircea Zloteanu