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A column which features the work of my interactive theatres company, Fully Booked Theatre. 


Creating lasting memories for children is what Fully Booked
Theatre do. The company, who were featured on ITV Tyne
Tees and commissioned by Stockton International Riverside
Festival, are one-of-a-kind performers whose interactive
shows mix the worlds of literature and dance and whips them
together creating fun for pretty much everyone. Created by
Canadian choreographer Jennifer Essex and poet Harry Man,
who are based in the North East, the touring performance
duo inspire, educate and entertain with their uniquely
passionate and thoughtful performances inspired by real
stories, fairytales and everything in between. Described as
thought-provoking, inspiring and a fantastic experience for
young people, Fully Booked Theatre specialise in inclusivity
and charm. The hardworking duo’s interactive performances
combine elements of dance, poetry and theatre with a dash of
education, creating an infectiously charming display creating
memories both children and adults will cherish. They have
three main performances which can all be previewed online at
fullybookedtheatre.com. Firstly, there’s Space Rebel Princess
which is inspired by the first British astronaut, Helen Sharman.
It tells the story of her journey into space, with opportunities
for the children to build the giant rocket, decipher alien
messages and more importantly, save the world! The princess
must break free of the fear that holds her back and boldly go
where no princess has gone before. Their second performance,
Once Upon A Wall, puts a unique spin on the classic tale of
Humpty Dumpty and sees the wonderful Jennifer sport a giant
egg costume, sending kids on an ‘egg-selent’ adventure to help
her get to the top of the wall in one piece. The Snow Queen's
Book Of Lost Charms is an imaginative retelling of the classic
Danish fairy tale, The Snow Queen. After the friend of an arctic
explorer gets frozen in the ice, it’s up to the children to discover
lost letters, cast magic spells and ultimately come together to
save the explorer. Excellent for both indoors and outdoors,
Fully Booked Theatre have toured libraries, festivals and
theatres across the UK and has been praised as fantastic. ‘The
creativity, learning and pure joy that came out of each session
was brilliant. They are enthusiastic, thoughtful, thought-
provoking and inspiring’. While they await their next mission
into space or atop a giant wall, Fully Booked Theatre have been
creating exciting challenges for all the family. Want to turn your
mam into a dinosaur, or make a dress completely out of paper?
You can find these and more by following them on Facebook.
Period28 May 2020

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