New Zealand unveiling for Tees system set to ‘revolutionalise’ construction industry

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A ground-breaking system developed by North-East firm Applied Integration that could revolutionise the construction industry is set for a global unveiling at a world-leading exhibition in Auckland, New Zealand.

ArchiTrack, which the Stokesley firm believe will save millions of pounds and countless man hours on major construction projects, will be unveiled at the International Conference on Construction Applications of Virtual Reality.

The conference will be attended by world-leading experts in virtual reality, augmented reality and building information modelling.

Applied Integration, who specialise in providing cutting edge solutions to the petrochemicals, oil, gas and defence sectors, have developed ArchiTrack over the past two years in partnership with Teesside University and Innovate UK.

The firm, which has also developed automated control systems for the Royal Navy’s Astute-class submarines, believe they are “pushing the boundaries of innovation” with the development of the software tool which is designed to record the ongoing architectural changes with a building’s construction.

ArchiTrack has been developed by Applied Integration after they joined forces with Teesside University in a two-year, government-backed Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP).


Applied Integration from Stokesley and Teesside University working together via a KTP

Period21 Nov 2018

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Media contributions