ZScanner brings the skills to pay the bills

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Period2 Jan 2011

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Media contributions

  • TitleZScanner brings the skills to pay the bills
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    Media name/outlethttps://develop3d.com/
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    Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
    DescriptionEducation excels when students go beyond learning and acquire expertise that prospective employers can’t resist.
    The Digital Factory Project’s students and professional consultants provide technical training and support to North East UK businesses in computer-aided design, engineering and rapid prototyping. For example, the Digital Factory team recently helped 3M UK PLC improve manufacturing accuracy and reduce costly waste at its plant in Aycliffe.

    “We had a long list of demanding requirements for our 3D laser scanning technology, and the ZScanner 700 was the only one that met them all,” says Sajid Abdullah, lead consultant with the Digital Factory. “It was the perfect tool for the 3M project.”
    PersonsSajid Abdullah