• Sean Williams (Creator)



Dataset consists of MATLAB generated *.mat files created to support ATE_2017_6249 submission: On the use of thermal inertia in blocks of building stock to leverage decentralised demand side frequency regulation services.

Arduino frequency sensor and BMRS data files (721x1 data entries):
1. AFS_bmrs.mat
2. AFS_arduino.mat
3. AFS_50hz.mat

Decentralised frequency control regulation
(a) Frequency Response (45000x1 data entries):
1. SIM_freq_nodfcp.mat
2. PT326_freq.mat
3. SIM_freq.mat
4. PT326_freq_SDR.mat
5. SIM_freq_SDR.may

(b) Temperature Response (45000x1 data entries):
1. PT326_temp.mat
2. SIM_temp.mat
3. PT326_temp_SDR.mat
4. SIM_temp_SDR.mat

(c) Electrical Power (php) (45000x1 data entries):
1. PT326_php.mat
2. SIM_php.mat
3. PT326_php_SDR.mat
4. SIM_php_SDR.mat

Frequency Contribution to Controllable Load (65002x1 data entries):
1. HIL_freq.mat
2. HIL_50hz.mat
3. HIL_pt326temp.mat
4. HIL_simtemp.mat
5. HIL_simtempd300.mat

Date made available18 Dec 2017
PublisherMendeley Data

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