Mohammad Dadashipour

Mohammad Dadashipour


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Summary of Research Interests


-Enzyme and Protein Biotechnology

-Enzyme and Protein Discovery and Engineering for Biotechnology, Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications


In more words:

-Enzyme screening and discovery

-Enzyme/ protein engineering and directed evolution

-Enzyme/ protein biotechnology and applications

-Enzyme biochemistry

-Applied enzymology

-Biocatalysis & Biotransformation

-Industrial/ white biotechnology

-Glycoengineering for vaccine development

-Upstream and downstream processes (USP & DSP)

-Interested in biologically active compounds (BACs), naturally occurring proteins and enzymes with medical properties and Synthetic Biology


In details:

I have been working on biotechnology, biochemistry, engineering and the application of enzymes and proteins for the last 20 years:

  • Both upstream and downstream of proteins and enzymes including:
  1. Enzyme screening and enzyme assays among microorganisms, plants and animals (and metagenome) for diagnosis and biocatalysis
  2. Enzyme and protein production employing native microbial isolates and diverse heterologous recombinant gene expressions (prokaryotic systems like E. coli, its cell-free system and Burkholderia cenocepacia as well as eukaryotic systems like Pichia pastoris, Wheat-germ cell-free and LEXSY)
  3. Enzyme/ protein purifications from the various microbial, plant, and animal (arthropods) sources (native and recombinant) using various chromatography systems
  4. Enzyme characterizations including substrate spectrum and biochemical kinetics
  5. Secondary structure analysis of wild-type versus mutant enzymes and proteins (using FT-IR, CD and Fluorescence spectroscopy)


  • Engineering of various enzymes and proteins-Examples are mutagenesis and directed evolution of:
  1. HNLs have higher in vivo solubility in E. coli and for biocatalysis
  2. SerDHs for diagnosis/ as a biomarker
  3. Lipocalins in a glycoengineering project for vaccine development and diagnostic kit preparation


  • Biocatalytic reactions using enzymes for the synthesis of pharmaceutical building blocks (main focus on HNLs and sugar-metabolising enzymes)


  • Phosphorylated sugar nucleotide-metabolising enzyme from a hyperthermophilic microorganism, Sulfolobus tokodaii and discovery of a unique isomerase enzyme with high biotechnology potential- These enzymes make an end product in each pathway which is a substrate for glycosyltransferases (GTs). These enzymes can transfer the above product onto proteins: a connection with personalised medicine. Proteins with glycans on their structure behave differently...

In the news- Millipede Harbors Speedy Catalyst: A millipede enzyme makes valuable chiral building blocks for pharmaceuticals faster than its industrial counterparts

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