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Jude Nwabuokei is a PhD student at the School of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Law. He is passionately immersed in the realm of African Literature, Afro-diasporic writings, and the vibrant tapestry of Global Black Literature.

Jude's intellectual inclinations extend beyond traditional bounds, delving into the contemporary landscape of Digital Humanities. His thesis titled 'The impact of platformisation on selected African literary websites' is a journey that blends his journalistic roots with a deep love for Literary Studies.

As you peek into Jude's world, you'll discover an avid explorer of Digital Literary Studies, seamlessly weaving through the intricate threads of technology and culture. His research radar is finely tuned to the nuances of Media and Cultural Studies, creating a narrative that transcends traditional academia.

Join Jude on his scholarly adventure, where every keystroke unravels a new chapter in the ever-evolving story of literature, technology, and culture. Engage with the confluence of tradition and innovation as Jude's research interests beckon you into a captivating realm where words meet the digital age, and ideas take flight in the boundless space of academia.

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PhD in English (in-view) : The impact of platformisation on selected African literary websites, Teesside University

4 Oct 20213 Oct 2025

Award Date: 3 Oct 2025

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Part Time Lecturer, MIMA School of Arts and Creative Industries

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