Mark Freary

Mark Freary


Personal profile

Academic Biography

After graduating with a degree in Industrial Design, Mark worked in a consultancy (within the University) for seven years as a product designer. During that time, he was involved in a multitude of projects, including developing in-house products and helping to take them through the marketing stage. He began teaching part-time, which motivated him into progressing to full time teaching.

 Mark has now been teaching full time for 24 years in the areas of product, graphic, advertising and promotion, as well as doing consultancy work.

 In 2002, he completed an MA Advanced Digital Design, developing skills in IT for both screen and print. This led to him broadening his teaching to include multimedia, web design, motion graphics, 3-D modelling and animation.

 Since 2008, he has been programme leader of Product Design. In 2012 he became Principal Lecturer for Technology Enhanced Learning . In the new school structure, his role has changed and he is now PL for Staffing and Resources with the Design & Innovation Department in the School of Science, Engineering and Design.

As well as the above roles he is 3rd Year tutor on the BA(Hons) Product Design and Creative Innovation programme as well as teaching across all 3 years. He has previously taught on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across the School.

 Over the years he has been involved with cross school exhibitions, consultancy, new product development projects and Knowledge Transfer. Special interest includes digital illustration, 3D modelling, rapid prototyping and amateur photography.

Knowledge & Expertise

26 years of teaching at all levels

  • Product Design
  • Materials
  • Manufacture
  • Prototyping
  • 3D Modelling
  • Digital Illustration
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Photography
  • Web Design
  • Technology Enhanced Learning


Analysis & Research

  • Consultancy – Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • 3D Modelling
  • Online tools


Software Experience




Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Indesign

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Acrobat

Macromedia Director

3DS Max