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Academic Biography

After spending 10 years as a graphic designer I began, in 1989, a far more interesting period of my life working as a freelance artist and writer working in comics.

In the early part of my career I co-created a series with the writer Neil Gaiman, best known for Sandman at DC Comics and more recently as a writer of fantasy novels such as American Gods. I then went on to illustrated Saviour written by Mark Millar who is best known for comics such as Kick-Ass and Marvel’s The Ultimates. I then moved on to both write and illustrate my own work for a variety of publishers. During my time in comics I worked on great number of publications covering a broad range of styles and subject matter. I am mainly remembered for my work on Sonic the Comic where I wrote and drew comics based on Sega games. I was a writer and artist on the Red Dwarf Smegazine based on the BBC television series. I created and wrote A.H.A.B. for the British sci-fi comic 2000AD. I've also worked on comics featuring characters from Cartoon Network, Warner Bros and many other popular (and unpopular) cartoon characters.

Over the years I have worked on comics for several of the major publishers but also have experience working on more personal projects too.

As a concept artist I've worked for Carnival Films (known for Downton Abbey) on a proposed cartoon series designed for an adult audience. I also created concept art for the Really Useful Company based on their show Starlight Express.

I've illustrated many childrens' books for publishers such as Oxford University Press and Scholastic.

I began working at Teesside University in 2001, as a part time lecturer in drawing, becoming full time in 2007.