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Through out my research career, I have been involved in several projects and gained expertise in comparative genomics and bioinformatics, microbial genetics, and molecular biology techniques. I have extensive training on analysis of defense and antibiotic resistance genes and pathogenicity islands in the large-scale genomic and meta-genomic data by using different bioinformatic and computational tools. I have published them in high impact peer-reviewed Journal (e.g. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal society B, Nature communication, Nucleic Acids research). I also did an international course at Pasture Institute, France on analysis of TnSeq, RNASeq, and functional genomics. At University of Dhaka, Bangladesh (2014-2017) as a young faculty member, I had also been awarded two early career research grants and actively engaged undergraduates in both projects.

I am particularly interested in translational research by utilizing microbial system for therapeutic medicine. During my Post-doc at NIH (Bethesda),USA, I involved in a project addressing disease-associated genomic instability using fission yeast as a model organism. I also involved in mentoring student in an on-going project focusing on the development of a CRISPR toolkit, utilizing my prior expertise and knowledge on CRISPR systems, transposable DNA elements and their potential in genome editing. These toolkit will help to study the causative genetic mutations related to cancer, obesity and aging. Previously, I have done another Postdoc at Cornell University USA, where I computationally analysed different transposable DNA elements associated with antibiotic-resistance and investigate their potential in genome editing. I worked on Acinetobacter baumannii, an organism remains a major threat of nosocomial infection worldwide and thus, enlisted as “priority pathogens” by World Health Organization (WHO) that poses greatest threat to human and need R&D for new antibiotics. 

In future, I am motivated to initiate own research group which will investigate different mechanisms in prokaryotes those contributes to pathogenicity (e.g. biofilm formation, multi-drug resistance) and genomic instability (e.g. cancer progression).

What sets me apart is my combination of scientific expertise in molecular microbiology, bioinformatics,genomics, passion for innovation, and commitment to translating scientific discoveries into practical applications.

I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the intellectual community and collaborate with esteemed scientist to advance scientific knowledge and mentor the next generation scientists.


Education/Academic qualification

PhD, University of Otago

1 Oct 201721 Aug 2021

Award Date: 21 Aug 2021

Master, University of Dhaka

1 Jan 201231 Jul 2013

Award Date: 31 Jul 2013