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Tyrone Davison


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Tyrone teaches on the BSc (Hons) Computer Games Programming and the BSc (Hons) Games Graphics Programming. His subject areas are computer graphics, animation and simulation programming.

His own degree was in visualisation, during which time he did a placement at Schlumberger in Cambridge. As a research and development lab for oilfield research, they were developing new techniques to visualise the oil-drilling process and to plan future drilling. Tyrone got the visualisation hardware and software up and running.

He also did his final-year project in collaboration with his former placement company. The project was to experiment with a force feedback system for manipulating the drill path – instead of using the mouse and a 2D image, a system was designed to use 3D stereo viewing and a stylus to pull and push the drill path into shape.

The placement experience was invaluable to Tyrone, and now he encourages every student to seek out a placement year to understand working in industry – the expectations, requirements and responsibilities of being an employee are all important things to learn.

Tyrone started lecturing at Teesside in 2001. He teaches the techniques to build the game engines or tools that the artists use. Graphics programming produces an impressive, realistic-looking image of the virtual world. Animation and simulation programming is about making that image move. Students use Microsoft’s Visual Studio, an industry-standard integrated development environment and the OpenGL and Direct3D industry-standard libraries.