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Dr. Yongxin Pang joined Teesside University in 2006. After his PhD in polymer chemistry at Zhongshan University, China, he has been working in the area of materials science and engineering for many years and built up broad expertise on polymers, ceramics, organic-inorganic hybrids and nanocomposites with regard to structure-property design, synthesis, modification, processing, and applications.

He has conducted a number of projects funded by research councils, organisations and industries, published tens of peer-reviewed journal papers, and filed patents in the UK, USA and worldwide. His research interests are mainly in the area of advanced and functional materials with target applications, such as thermally stable insulation, supercapacitors, and surface coatings via chemical, electrochemical and physical processing approaches. Dr. Pang recently worked on the development of high temperature insulating materials and methodologies in collaboration with Rolls-Royce, Manchester and Sheffield Universities, as well as on nanostructured carbons for energy storage.

Summary of Research Interests

Dr. Yongxin Pang's research interests include:

advanced and functional materials through chemical processing

surface modification via functional coatings by means of chemical, electrochemical and physical approaches

organic-inorganic hybrids and nanocomposites

synthesis, characterisation, processing and application of polymeric materials and composites

materials and technologies for high temperature capable electric coils and assembles

Research Projects & External Funding

Safran Power UK, Arnold Magnetic Technologies Ltd, FGP Precision Engineering Limited, MEP Ltd, Midland Tools and Design Ltd, University of Newcastle and TSB (2014-2017) - Advanced Electrical Machines Technologies for Aircraft (AEMTA)

Rolls Royce, Hot coating Ltd and TSB (2014-2016) - High-Value High-Temperature Materials for Electrical Machines (HiVEM)

Rolls Royce (2009 – 14) – Thermally stable encapsulants and encapsulation technology for high temperature capable electric coil assembly.

LG-Philips, Masonlite and DTI (2005-08) - Sol-Gel nanocoatings for design and development of new generation subminiature fluorescence lamps.

Epichem, Attiger and DTI (2005-07) - Laser Processing of Smart Materials via Sol-Gel intermediates.

DTI, Rolls Royce, Newage and Goodrich (2005-07) - Thermally stable sol-gel nanocomposite wire insulating coatings, in Advanced Electric Machines through Materials network.

European Commission, Fifth Framework programme (2001-05), Quebec Metal Powders (Germany), AMES (Spain), M2P (France), Mikroma (Poland), Dyson (UK) - Dielectromagnetic based micromachines, components and materials.

EPSRC (2001-02), In-situ synthesis of hydroxyapatite/alumina composite nanoparticles via microemulsion processing.

EPSRC (1998-2000) - Surface diffusion of latex particles during film formation and interface development of polymer blends.

EPSRC (1997-1999) - Solid polymer electrolytes with improved ionic conductivity and mechanical stiffness.


SNB Hodgson and Y Pang (2013), US8476528B2, Electrically insulating coating and method of formation thereof.

Y Pang and SNB Hodgson (2007), GB2430670A, Method for Preparing Insulated Particulate Metals.

Y Pang, SNB Hodgson and E Schoeps (2007), GB2430682A, Dielectric Coatings for Magnetic Particulate Materials.


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