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Pore-scale investigation of three-phase fluid transport in porous rocks – A time-resolved 3-dimensional study using X-ray computed micro-tomography technique

Pak, T., Butler, I., Lopes Archilha, N., Frangiotti Mantovani, I., Camargo Moreira, A. & Peres Fernandes, C.


Project: Research

Identifying Sex Trafficking Online

Antonopoulos, G. & L'Hoiry, X.

1/05/19 → …

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Creative Interventions for issues around Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)

O'Brien, S., Newbury-Birch, D., Catterick, M. & Hepplewhite, K.


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Strengthening the Nurse Director role: a UK study

Kelly, D., Smith, P., Holloway, A., Jones, A., Rafferty, A. M., Harris, R., Reid, J., Noble, H. & Hamilton, S.

2/01/19 → …

Project: Research

Parasites and Pathologies in 3D

Bojko, J.


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