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Invert/Extant: Transmissions

Pappas-Kelley, J., Shipley, G., Kelso, C., Allen, A., Martin, D., McAdams, M., Dietz, B., Crisp, S., Finbow, S. & Hetherington, A.

1/05/20 → …

Project: Research

Steel Stories Oral History Project

Heggie, J. & Vall, N.

1/05/17 → …

Project: Research

A scoping review to establish the relationship of community to the lives of looked after children and young people

Simpson, D., Hicks, L., Mathews, I., Crawford, K., Koorts, H. & Cooper, K.


Project: Research


iChair: AI based healthcare system for elderly people

Gao, J. & Zeng, Y.

Innovate UK


Project: Research

Commemoration in Irish Everyday Lives

Higgins, R.



Project: Research

A Eulogy for Animals Lost

Dover, A. & Wyatt, T.


Project: Research

Introducing a new technique using powder in quantifying wettability in challenging oil reservoirs

Rezaei Gomari, S., Gonçalves dos Santos, R. & Greenwell, C.


Project: Research

Strengthening the Nurse Director role: a UK study

Kelly, D., Smith, P., Holloway, A., Jones, A., Rafferty, A. M., Harris, R., Reid, J., Noble, H. & Hamilton, S.

2/01/19 → …

Project: Research

Development and evaluation of MyLifeTool

Kilinc, S., Cole, J., Hammond, L., Campbell, M. & Taylor, J.


Project: Research