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EATTS: Elizabeth & The Three Sisters

Smith, L., O’Donnell, A. & Heselton, P.


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Emergency Medical Response Evaluation

Lloyd, A., Hall, A., Zhu, X. & Crow, R.


Project: Research

Creative Fuse North East

Archer, G., Ciesielska, G., McKeown, S., Paterson, S., Reid, P., Stockton, M. & Zhu, X.


Project: Research

Development of a fluoride assay methodology for plasma from capillary blood samples

Zohoori, V., Maguire, A., Buzalaf, M. A. R. & Martinez-Mier, E. A.


Project: Research

An Evaluation of the Tees Healthy Living Pharmacy Pilot Scheme

McNaughton, R., Shucksmith, J. & Mohan, L.


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Effectiveness and acceptability of parental financial incentives and quasi-mandatory schemes for increasing uptake of vaccinations in preschool children: systematic review, qualitative study, and discrete choice experiment

Adams, J. M., Bateman, B., Becker, F., Cresswell, T., Flynn, D., McNaughton, R., Oluboyede, Y., Robalino, S., Ternent, L., Gardner Sood, B., Michie, S., Shucksmith, J., Sniehotta, F. & Wigham, S.


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A scoping review to establish the relationship of community to the lives of looked after children and young people

Simpson, D., Hicks, L., Mathews, I., Crawford, K., Koorts, H. & Cooper, K.


Project: Research


NHS Health Checks

McNaughton, R., Shucksmith, J. & Gray, J.


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