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PHIRST: NIHR PHR - Public Health Intervention Response Studies Team

Van Der Graaf, P., Goyder, E., Kee, F., Jepson, R. & Craig, P.


Project: Research

Membranes for Energy and Environment

Ahmad, F.


Project: Research

Parasites and Pathologies in 3D

Bojko, J., Collings, A. & Dean, P.


Project: Research

Urinary fluoride parameters in spot urine samples associated with exposure to systemic fluoride through

Zohoori, V., Maguire, A., Buzalaf, M. A. R., Martignon, S. & Giacaman, R. A.

Borrow Foundation


Project: Research

Creative Interventions for issues around Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)

O'Brien, S., Newbury-Birch, D., Catterick, M. & Hepplewhite, K.


Project: Research

ENABLE UK: ENABling Local authority Evidence-based decision-making across the UK

Van Der Graaf, P., Adamson, A. J., Kee, F., Murphy, S., Jepson, R. & Rutter, H.


Project: Research

iChair: AI based healthcare system for elderly people

Gao, J. & Zeng, Y.

Innovate UK


Project: Research

Understanding the successful implementation of a stop smoking model in England

Haste, A., Rodrigues, A., Haighton, C. & Wearn, A.


Project: Research

KTP - Mersen UK Teesside Ltd

Hughes, D., Nabhani, F., Zeng, Y. & Angione, C.


Project: Other

KTP -Nymas

Reid, P., Ramegowda, M., Hughes, D. & Martin, D.


Project: Other

KTP - Scot Bros

Hughes, D., Sargent, P. & Vukovic, V.


Project: Other