A Eulogy for Animals Lost

  • Dover, Amy (PI)
  • Wyatt, Tanya (PI)

Project: Research

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Amy Dover & Tanya Wyatt present A Eulogy for Animals Lost A COLLABORATIVE EXHIBITION EXPLORING THE DEVASTATING EFFECT OF WILDLIFE TRAFFICKING ON ENDANGERED SPECIES The planet is facing what some scientists are calling the sixth mass extinction. Whilst the main cause of loss of species comes from habitat destruction, another major cause of extinction is poaching and trafficking of wildlife. This is not just happening in Africa and Asia, Europe is one of the main consumers of wildlife and Northern England too is a source of and destination for trafficked wildlife. Our exhibition is an interdisciplinary exploration of this threat to non-human animals. By combining allegorical drawings of endangered species and text descriptions of green criminological research investigating consumer demand for wildlife and wildlife products, we hope to invoke empathy and understanding about the plight our fellow creatures are facing. Wildlife trafficking is an avoidable issue and we wish that endangered species will not be left existing only in illustrations like the dodo and the Great Auk

Layman's description

A collaborative exhibition of drawings and written pieces highlighting the effects of wildlife trafficking. A accompanying zine was also produced.

Key findings

The awareness of the subject was low, and it is seen as an Eastern issue. Using imagery draws the audience in and leads them to read the writing. Feedback was very positive.
Effective start/end date1/04/1830/09/18


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