A lull nearby: textural, social, and temporal explorations of language in artistic practices

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This research focuses on collective moments of change and exchange to develop a practice-based theory of sensuous address. Moments of meeting are structured by pre-existing conditions, which often obscures their very creation. Sensuous address, in contrast to a hierarchical exchange of information, is an approach to meeting and sharing (knowledge) from their sensory and aesthetic qualities. This aims to counter ideas of intersubjectivity and transactional ideas of learning. An intimate and intensive understanding of shifts can reclaim the importance of movement and experimentation in collective moments. The shift as a notion is central to this project; akin to the shared moment of the transition from waking to sleeping in a lullaby. The project is grounded in language-based artistic-research, through three research tasks and practical methods: text(ile) writing, movements in proximity, and memories of the future. This is approached through the fields of radical pedagogy, process philosophy, disability and queer studies, as well as performative/material practices in textile, language, and sound.
Effective start/end date1/10/2331/12/27


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