A Social Ecology Model of Regulatory Fitness to Practice and NHS Workplaces Datasets

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This study employs data science and regression statistics to analysis the relationship between regulatory complaint and fitness to practice tribunal data. Key data sources being explored include Patient Safety Incident Reports; Patient Complaints; Litigation, Damages and Legal Costs; Workplace Abuse, Bullying, Violence & Discrimination; Staff Absences Due to Illness and Stress, and Vacant FTE Posts; NHS Friends & Family Test and SHMI Mortality Rates. The research objectives are to:

- Determine which of the selected NHS workplace data sources, if any, correlate with practitioner fitness to practice referral levels

- Explore whether this correlation is higher for specific types of referrals

- Combine the highest correlating data sources in to a basket of measures

A key outcome of this project will be the development of a ‘early warning’ dashboard which can be utilised by regulators to flag NHS sites for strategic visits, additional training resource review, and strategic monitoring.
Short titleEcologies of Place & Harm
Effective start/end date2/03/2030/06/21