AI based healthcare system for elderly people

  • Gao, Jianxin (PI)
  • Zeng, Yifeng (CoI)

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With the level of over 60-year olds in China set to double to a predicted 440 million by 2050, a corresponding increase in the 37.5 million over 60-year old disabled persons who are mobility impaired (18.8%) is also forecast. UK also has similar ageing society issues arising but with smaller populations. The iChair project aims to create a modular telemedicine smart wheelchair which allows such elderly disabled patients to maintain independence yet remain connected to allow caregivers to monitor, record and transmit information related to the elderly person’s physical location and status parameters as well as vital bio-signs in real-time. Heterogenous data collected from sensors attached to the wheelchair and the elderly person will be analysed in real-time using AI algorithms to diagnose any associated conditions related to the wheelchair user. iChair helps save caregivers’ time and expense, while reducing medical intervention and trips to the hospital for users. In the long-term this will reduce and/or delay the need for the elderly to have to live in care homes. Users improve and maintain their independence, functional capacity, health status and quality of life as well as preserving their physical, cognitive, mental and social well-being.
Effective start/end date1/11/1831/10/20


  • Innovate UK


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