An evaluation of the implementation of a Nutrition and Body Mass Index Clinical Link Pathway in Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Services

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The aim of this research was to undertake a process evaluation of the Nutrition and Body Mass Index Nutrition Clinical Link Pathway (NBMI CLiP) in Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust (TEWV). The objectives were to understand the impact of the NBMI CLiP on the weight management of service users with SMI and/or learning disabilities, and staff perceptions on how best to support service users, and themselves, to manage their weight effectively.

Key findings

Secondary data analysis found most wards improved recording of BMI, SANSI and Intervention Planning. Forensic Learning Disabilities, Adult Learning Disabilities, mixed gender wards and North Yorkshire and York Operational Directorate indicated the greatest improvement. Survey results (n=55) found three times as many participants (n=12, 75%) found the NBMI CLiP easy or very easy to use; most fully understood it (n=13, 81.20%) and were confident or very confident to carry out a SANSI Screen (n =14, 87.50%) or a recovery focused intervention plan (n=9, 56.20%). Open-text responses, analysed using content analysis, indicated a need for further training of staff on the NBMI CLiP. It is recommended that to support weight management across these wards, that a nudge or choice architecture approach to weight management is adopted, supported by training delivered by a dietitian.
Effective start/end date1/02/2131/01/22


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