British Steel Archive Project

  • Heggie, Joan (PI)

    Project: Research

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    A research and community engagement project led by Teesside University in partnership with Teesside Archives to preserve and make accessible a large and important industrial business collection - the British Steel Collection. Funding Sources - Competitive Grants: - Heritage Lottery Fund - £250,000 - Royal Academy of Engineering - £26,658* - Arts & Humanities PhD Collaborative Scholarship - £48,000** - European Social Fund - £20,091 - Economic History Society - £4,000 - Museums, Libraries & Archives Council - £2,500 - Technology Strategy Board (KTP) - £17,390Funding Sources - Other Grants: - Corus Teesside Cast Products - £60,000 - Community Trades Union - £60,000* [Led by Dr Jenny Search, Community Engagement Manager, BSAP]**[Led by Dr Barry Doyle]

    Key findings

    - Three key areas of focus to make the British Steel Collection accessible to the public: Conservation, Cataloguing and Community Engagement.
    - Through an ambitious volunteer programme, bring new skills to the area and enhance the current skills of the project team, archive staff and volunteers.
    - Increase community cohesion through engagement with the British Steel Collection and increase understanding of Teesside's industrial past.
    - Promote Teesside as a site of actual and virtual tourism.
    Effective start/end date1/04/0831/03/11


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