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Creative Fuse North East will investigate how new approaches to innovation-led problem solving can support the region's creative, digital and IT (CDIT) sector. Drawing on findings and approaches of Brighton Fuse, Fusebox 24 and London
Fusion and responding to the National Centre for Universities and Businesses (NCUB) Fuse Manifesto, it will explore the very different creative and commercial landscape of North East England. It will highlight opportunities for effective resource use and best practice in workforce development, business growth and innovation, identifying ways that universities can support the sector.

Combining intensive research and analysis (both quantitative and qualitative), exceptional practitioner and business engagement, and adaptable and responsive methodologies to test hypotheses and inspire collaborators via an in-depth 'open innovation programme'; this interdisciplinary project will facilitate co-development with the CDIT sector, identifying recommendations for future support and intervention. It will explore how the CDIT sector can contribute to solutions, problem-solving and exploration across broader economic and societal challenges, complementing existing knowledge and identifying best practice.
Short titleCreative Fuse
Effective start/end date1/05/1631/10/18


  • AHRC


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