Design, optimization and fabrication of nonlinear metamaterials for impact wave mitigation

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The objective of this project is to develop novel multifunctional mechanical metamaterials for impact attenuation and shock-wave mitigation. Under direct impact from ballistic loads, the high energy stress waves will quickly propagate throughout a structural component and may cause severe damage to sensitive areas. Metamaterials gain their exotic mechanical properties that are not observable in nature, which have many applications ranging from thermal management, high energy absorption, lightweight structure, and vibration control. Generally, the overall performance of metamaterials can be tailored by changing the microscopic size and configuration of the individual constituents rather than their inherent chemical composition. In this project, novel design methodology and optimization algorithms will be developed based on nonlinear mechanical metamaterials in order to harness the propagation of high amplitude shock waves effectively. The exceptional mechanical properties obtained will offer significant technological potential and socioeconomic benefits through direct applications in industry. The aim is to develop the technology to manipulate shock waves around sensitive areas and objects. The advanced computational techniques and optimization algorithms to be developed will seamlessly integrate with additive manufacturing to enable the researchers and end-users to characterise, design and fabricate the next generation of mechanical metamaterials in an effective way, which is able to improve the survivability and reliability of optimised metamaterials in high shock environments. The outcomes of this project offer significant benefits for the long-term and sustainable development of knowledge-based economy in the UK.
Effective start/end date9/11/1830/09/21


  • The Royal Society


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