Development of an industrial energy efficiency and visualization profiling toolbox

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The goal of this industry-led research project with Tascomp limited is to support the development of a prototype flexible, Industrial energy efficiency and visualization profiling Toolbox (I-CAT) to optimize manufacturing operations. In order to support the rapid development necessary, and proof of concept for the process, I-CAT will be developed in conjunction with Teesside University and demonstrated using current engineering facilities. This will include existing manufacturing machinery combined with Tascomp's PlantRun and Prodigy SCADA platforms which are already installed at the University.

The impact to the manufacturing sector will be: (i) improved understanding and optimization of energy asset performance, and thus enable cost reductions through improved energy management, (ii) energy cost savings and energy efficiency: Accurate energy calculations for individual components will enable improvements to design, planning & maintenance operations through analytics and forecasting, and (iii) Display / visualization capability of energy informatics KPIs.
Effective start/end date1/11/2230/04/23


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