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The goal of this project is to deliver support for the delivery of a system that will integrate existing and emerging applications into a coherent information system that will provide key business information to each stakeholder as required.

Key findings

his will require the project to deliver the following objectives:
1. Provide the company with an As-IS model of the current information space within the existing process.
2. Identify and model emerging business requirements with respect to information systems
3. Evaluate the gap between what exists and what is required and derive a clear starter and road map for delivering the business needs.
4. Deliver a Minimal Viable solution asap to demonstrate the efficacy of business tools in place.
5. Build upon the gap analysis of objective 3 and technology demonstration of object 4 to deliver an e active system that will provide an operational business intelligence solution to meet the company's short-term needs.
6. Ensure the technologies and knowledge is sustainably embedded within the company
7. Reflect, then plan forwards into utilizing data science and machine learning through a longer-term project such as a KTP.
Effective start/end date1/08/2230/05/23


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