Elizabeth & The Three Sisters

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    Elizabeth and The Three Sisters, commissioned by Stellar Projects, was performed as part of Nightfall (a family friendly outdoor event) on the 14th October 2016. The live theatrical performance combined movement, sound and wearable sculpture and took place in and around the Centre Square fountain, Middlesbrough.

    Elizabeth and The Three Sisters follows Queen Elizabeth I in a stargazing journey, as she transits time, space and historical reality. In her dreams and visons, she sets off to visit the constellation of the The Three Sisters (Orion’s Belt). Guided by her court astrologer Dr John Dee, she embraces Alchemical symbols and Enochian calls to move between worlds, but losing her way, Elizabeth finds herself instead in an alternative version of Middlesbrough. Where are the town’s Hercules and Vulcan? Here the queen tries to navigate her way back through the industrial night sky to her own time and to her own reality by transforming herself into the goddesses Juno, Venus and Minerva.

    Layman's description

    EATTS is a collaborative outdoor performance combining movement, sound and wearable sculpture to explore Queen Elizabeth I, 16th Century astrology/alchemy and Roman goddesses in relation to the Tees Valley industrial night sky and Middlesbrough Central Square location.
    Effective start/end date1/08/1631/10/16


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