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This project is a collaboration between the Centre for Culture and Creativity at Teesside University, the Health Determinants Research Collaborative (a partnership between Teesside University and public health and local government in the South Tees region), Tees Valley Education Trust and the Live Well Centre in Middlesbrough. Arts and Humanities researchers from Teesside University will work in partnership with Tees Valley Education Trust to co-design a programme of creative workshops for children aged 8-12 years living in areas of high multiple deprivation in the South Tees region in North-East England. Children will have the opportunity to explore, express and communicate their lived experiences and perspectives on social inequality and health and wellbeing through a series of interactive and inclusive workshops, including comic-making, creative writing, dance and performance. They will work with artists, writers, musicians and performers to co-produce outputs capturing their voices through anthologies of artwork and creative writing and short animated or documentary films. Public audiences, health professionals and policy makers, and researchers will have opportunities to learn from the experience and insights of children. The Live Well Centre, a multi-agency health hub in Middlesbrough will host public displays, exhibitions, screenings and talks. The HDRC will host knowledge exchange events, where the outcomes of the project can be shared with community-based researchers, public health leaders and practitioners from across the region.
Effective start/end date1/09/2331/03/24


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