ENABling Local authority Evidence-based decision-making across the UK

  • Van Der Graaf, Peter (PI)
  • Adamson, Ashley J. (PI)
  • Kee, Frank (PI)
  • Murphy, Simon (CoI)
  • Jepson, Ruth (CoI)
  • Rutter, Harry (CoI)

Project: Research

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National Institute for Health Research – UK Prevention Research Partnership Consortium Development Award

Layman's description

We will develop and test system-wide approaches to knowledge mobilisation that aims to expand the generalisable evidence base for reducing NCDs and inequalities at local level, creates evidence which may be generalisable to other LAs, and provides a model of an embedded research culture, capacity and infrastructure which is generalisable across the UK.
The intervention will be co-developed in demonstrator LAs across the UK. We will undertake a cross-system evaluation of the intervention in terms of its ability to change processes and practices of policy making by developing a new research culture, building capacity, and enhanced partnership working. We will assess the extent that the intervention can support the development and implementation of a range of NCD interventions. This will focus on the extent it can support Trans Disciplinary Action Research (TDAR) to develop evidence-informed, system focussed NCD solutions that are implementable, scalable and economically sustainable for future evaluation in terms of population health impacts and health inequalities. We will also test the transferability of the approach.
Effective start/end date1/07/2023/12/20


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