EPSRC - From single-cell transcriptomic to single-cell fluxomic: characterising metabolic dysregulations for breast cancer subtype classification

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Our project aims to develop and validate a novel single-cell metabolic model of breast cancer integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques. The proposed collaborative project will provide information about the biomechanical properties of breast cancer cell metabolism for phenotyping and subtype classification at single-cell level. A clinically important application area is the mechanistic generation of single-cell metabolic measurements associated with single-cell transcriptomics, which is currently not available at a large scale for single-cell analysis, allowing the investigation of cellular heterogeneity and drug mechanisms for biomarker development.
Short titleEPSRC - Early Career Researchers International Collaboration Grants
StatusNot started
Effective start/end date1/02/2431/01/26


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