Feeling Planet: A practical toolkit to accelerate climate solutions

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This proposal builds on a successful UK-Canada project funded by GRI Tactical Fund Open Call 3 (FY22/23), which scoped and developed a climate emotions-driven engagement framework to address challenges in the adoption of climate (e.g. clean technology) solutions. This project develops the initial scoping into a clear Phase 2 (Nicholls, 2023:37) which comprises: (i) formal evaluation and further development of a climate emotions-focused toolkit to test and apply the framework; and (ii) expansion of the research to further applications (e.g. carbon capture) and more diverse groups through new global partnerships. The work develops partnerships between Teesside University, University of British Columbia (UBC) and Arizona State University (ASU).

The final toolkit will provide an online self-guided resource for individuals; and a basis for group engagement work, enabling technologists, researchers, policy-makers and communities to work together to generate adoption plans. We will carry out evaluation of each approach, using mixed methods, including a survey and focused workshops with stakeholders in the UK, Canada and US.
Effective start/end date1/09/2331/03/24


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