Hydrogen Direct Reduction of Iron - Pilot Furnace and steelmaking (H2DRI Pilot)

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We aim to test the efficacy of reducing iron ore by hydrogen, for a range of industrial grade iron ores. Part of the work is to be done by Teesside University under carefully monitored laboratory conditions, with a study of the structure and phase changes following the reduction process. Another set of operating conditions with Iron Ore with carburizing media like methane will also be done, in a bid to stabilize the Fe formed, by carburization. Meanwhile TU's partners, Materials Processing Institute (The Institute) will be testing the hydrogen - reduction on a larger scale in a pilot furnace, along with C-Tech Innovation (based in Chester). U. of Swansea will also participate in the project by using their equipment for reducing Iron Ore under various partial pressures. The results of this preliminary work, will be vital for our proposal bid for phase 2, viz. October 2022.
Short titleHydrogen DRI
Effective start/end date28/03/2230/09/22


  • Department for Business - Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) via MPI


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