Marine Seawater HHO Generator for Complete Combustion Drivetrain - Proof of Concept

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Within TU (which is a sub-contractor for this project), I am the lead investigator, in charge of enabling the operation of a sea-water alkaline electrolyzer unit, that will produce a mixture of Hydrogen and Oxygen to be supplied as an ‘ignitor’ for an ammonia fired vehicle engine. This is about a 6-month project, and the total value to TU is £18,900 (Total Project Value = $30,000).

Layman's description

The focus of this project is to setup an Alkaline Water Electrolyzer (AWE) with optimal tailoring of anodes to enable Oxygen evolution, without leading to Chloride/ Hypochlorite species under nominal operating voltages; Hydrogen evolution on the cathodes is to be maintained as well.
Short titleSeawater AWEs
Effective start/end date3/04/2329/09/23


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