Proof Of Concept - VR Training in Anaphylaxis for Newly Qualified Nurses.

  • Dixon, Catherine (PI)

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    Newly Qualified Nurses (NQN) have been recognised by Freeman and RVI hospitals and the NHS NUTH Trust as under increasing pressure to work autonomously with greater responsibility than in the past.

    Current training is available through traditional teaching methods. Manikin based scenario simulation training is possible but has limitations in representing some symptoms that are not easily physically represented dynamically. It is also less accessible needing large amounts of expensive resources including permanent dedicated space and equipment. If this project is successful it is possible that additional resources would be accessible more flexibly and in some aspects be more dynamic and interactive offering a cost effective supplementary tuition.

    This Proof of Concept project was therefore developed with research aims of proving supplemental scenario based VR training to better support NQN's to increasing confidence and retention of knowledge, therefore having potential for wider applications with a real world impact of potentially saving lives.

    The scenario selected and developed was based on current Anaphylaxis training with input form expert training staff, facilitators and medical professionals, and evaluation developed through

    Anaphylaxis is something that may be rarely seen predictably in a Nurses Career, it could be months or years before it occurs, however this acute condition can be fatal within 5 minutes of its onset. NQN's are currently supported with PowerPoint training in this area, however have been identified as benefiting from further training on this as an impact case.

    My role on the project was to lead the VR software development to make sure it was fit for purpose, and to help develop a method evaluation. A questionnaire was developed with input from Pete Brown SOH nearing the end of the project. A control group has been selected for normal training, and a VR group selected to receive the additional VR training. Results pending.

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    VR Training in recognising and treating Anaphylaxis to better support Newly Qualified Nurses, with the aim to role out further should it be successfully received

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    Short titleVR NQN Training
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