Relationship between Burnout, vascular risk factors, and INFLAMmatory markers among physicians Study

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Burnout predisposes to cardiovascular diseases and risk factors(CVDRF) within short duration and potently. There are few studies exploring this relationship globally however data of such appear to be non-existent among Nigerian doctors (approximately 50% are affected by burnout) which forms the largest bulk of doctors on the African continent and the largest foreign-trained Africans in the United Kingdom.

This cross sectional study would collect data on participants' demographics, work related factors, and psychosocial data through a structured questionnaire. Burnout would be assessed through the validated Maslach Burnout Inventory. Biomarkers (interleukin-10, plasminogen activator inhibitor and highly sensitive c-reactive protein) and CVDRF evaluation would be conducted among participants.

1. to assess the burden of burnout and CVDRF among early career doctors(ECDs) in Nigeria
2. to assess the relevant biomarkers among ECDs in Nigeria.
3. to assess the relationship between burnout, CVDRF, and c-reactive protein among ECDs in Nigeria.

Effective start/end date2/01/2331/07/23


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