Special Issue “Photovoltaic Technologies and System Integration”

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Increase in production of green energy through renewable resources is crucial in meeting the Net Zero Emission by 2050. Achieving this increase largely depends on the performance and reliability of the operating renewable energy technologies. The design and development of highly efficient technological systems require in-depth knowledge and understanding of the engineering design, modeling, manufacture, and maintenance of the system. As photovoltaic modules and systems are poised as the technology to fast-track increase in renewable energy production, critical research which provides new knowledge on the development of efficient systems is urgently needed. This Special Issue is interested in significant research in the field of photovoltaic technologies. It will consider for publication research articles as well as review articles on the design, modeling, operation, reliability, performance evaluation, and maintenance of photovoltaic modules and systems. Other areas of photovoltaic technologies not listed will be considered, too.
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