The Development of Mass Spectrometry Based Diagnostics

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    The project is built on already growing impact of mass spectrometry in clinical diagnostics. Mass spectrometry approaches are already used in the diagnosis of metabolic disorders, tissue imaging, drug abuse/compliance and biomarker discovery. This research will utilise the development of smaller, cheaper more robust mass spectrometry instrumentation to provide clinically relevant information in an accurate and timely manner. Working in conjunction with health care professionals the project will initially involve the development, testing and evaluation of a number of mass spectrometry based screens including for smoking, diabetes, alcohol abuse, compliance with given medication and use of prohibited substances. The aim is to provide a comprehensive, easily administered panel of tests. The wider use of mass spectrometry as a more sophisticated clinical tool for the diagnosis of genetic conditions such as hemoglobinopathies, to inform cancer diagnosis and to monitor diseases of pregnancy will also be explored.
    Short titleMS Based Diagnosis
    Effective start/end date8/10/18 → …


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