THYME: Scaled down automated micro-bioreactor system with integrated downstream analytics for bioprocessing

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A micro-bioreactor system for a range of miniaturised bioprocessing applications including for culturing of cells and enzymatic catalysed reactions will be developed. The system will comprise a micro-bioreactor with integrated sensors, downstream analytics and means for performing fluidic operations within the micro-bioreactor system. The system will be able to be used for operation in batch, fed-batch and continuous modes as well as being applicable for culturing of microbial, fungal and mammalian cells. The micro-bioreactor system will provide a rapid and low cost means of acquiring data on process variable (pH, oxygen, cell density, cell viability) as well as providing physiological, metabolic and productivity data. The data acquired will be valuable in developing and testing computational models for bioprocesses. Validation of the micro-bioreactor system will be carried out with industrial partners for enzymatic catalysed reactions for biocatalysis, strain selection, microbial culturing and production of high value and novel products. We will particularly seek to show that the micro-bioreactor system is predictive of larger scale cost and that it can be used as a low cost means for scale translation, resolving scale-up issues and economic viability assessment as part of early stage bioprocess development to improve overall process productivity
Effective start/end date1/07/1930/06/20


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