Towards the first implementation of groundwater remediation using nanotechnology in Brazil – Delivering new policies and designing the first pilot-scale case study

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Industrial states within Brazil suffer from significant levels of groundwater contamination. This multidisciplinary project takes forward our previous research on groundwater remediation using nanotechnology. It brings together representatives from key industries, governmental agencies, and academia to prepare a plan and a technical design for (i) implementing the first pilot-scale nanoremediation case study in Brazil, and (ii) evaluating its effect on public health. We request funds for a two-year project to (i) hire a post-doctoral researcher, (ii) take world-leading experts to Brazil, (iii) conduct meetings between project partners, and (iv) organize the 2nd GRUN workshop in 2021 to disseminate the project outcomes.
Short titleGroundwater nanoremediation in Brazil
Effective start/end date1/11/1931/07/21

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Tannaz Pak, Nathaly Lopes Archilha, Luiz Fernando de Lima Luz Jr, Tiziana Tosco, Paola Rodrigues Rangel Rosa & Gabriel Schubert Ruiz Costa


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