139 X Nothing But Good – A Group Exhibition

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In 2015 Hicks was invited to publish a work on the website ‘Nothing but Good’, a well respected contemporary art blog established by Michael de Kok, Rene Korten and Reinoud van Vught, where participation is by invitation only. The intention of the blog is to demonstrate a connection and commitment by contemporary artists to a continuing tradition by inviting them to reference a line of thought inspired by a no longer living artist, while at the same time demonstrating a fresh take upon the subject.

All artists invited to contribute to this blog were then invited to participate in an exhibition where a new piece of work was exhibited in PARK-platform for the visual arts in Tilburg, Netherlands, alongside the reference to the original blog contribution.
Hicks here chose to contrast her initial published piece, ‘View of Antwerp from South of the River’ (which referenced the freshness and immediacy of Vermeer’s ‘View of Delft’) with a later work which explored a process of drawing made from a webcam image, disconnected from the embodied experience of landscape, showcasing her research into the influence of diverse experiences of ‘place’ upon the drawn mark. Here the phenomenological investigation into the making of marks in relation to location juxtaposed the free flowing of making and thinking experienced on site in the landscape with the immersive experience of the drawing process engaged in an intricate but repetitive process of responding to a digital rendition of a landscape. These two works set up a dialogue between an immersion in the drawing process, versus the visceral immersion in the landscape itself.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 28 Jan 2018


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