Assessing the balanced scorecard as a management tool for hotels

Nigel G Evans

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Purpose \ This study seeks to assess the balanced scorecard (BSC) approach to strategy and its usefulness for the international hotel industry. Design/methodology/approach \ The paper undertakes a wide-ranging literature review which focuses on strategic implementation and the BSC approach, which is compared and contrasted with evidence of practice derived from a survey of hotels in Northeast England. Findings \ In reviewing the literature it is clear that sources relating to the more detailed implementation issues of strategy (which is where BSC can be cited) is relatively scarce. Furthermore the strategy literature relating to the hospitality sector is relatively weakly developed. However, the reports are available which indicate the usefulness of a BSC approach, albeit modified to suit individual circumstances, but also point to potential pitfalls in its implementation. The primary research conducted indicates that a wide variety of measures are currently being used and that many hoteliers are using measures from all four of the category groupings identified in the BSC framework. Research limitations/implications \ The primary research is based on a limited survey of hotels and it is recognised that further research is necessary to establish the exact nature of the causal linkages between performance measures and strategic intent and also to gain insights into practice elsewhere. Practical implications \ The paper considers a broad range of generic and industry-specific literature sources and concludes that, despite its limitations, such a structured approach to strategy provides a useful managerial tool for hotel managers. Originality/value \ The paper will be useful to academics with an interest in strategic implementation and performance measurement, and also to practitioners seeking an understanding of a practical managerial tool in terms of its benefits and potential difficulties.
Original languageEnglish
JournalInternational Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2005


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