Biblical Solutions to Twenty First Century Challenges

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The understanding of bible scriptures how can be related in the living of the 21st century challenges.
Biblical principles are better than facts because facts change.
What is a Bible?
Perhaps many of you will have lots of definitions in your mind but here are my thoughts. A principle doesn't change a fact change or be altered.
B .I .B .L. E in full: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
These are the instructions we are to learn and to live while on earth, so we are prepared for eternal life when we leave earth. Lord, thank You for the Gift of Scripture. God help me to learn the basic instructions I’m supposed to learn in this life, so that I am prepared for eternal life.
My purpose on Earth.
I am honoured to be gospel leader, a senior research fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health where the Queen Elizabeth the second is my patron. My purpose on Earth, I was born to transform leaders and leaders into agents of changes. I was born to help every person to discover that follower in them to be transformed into great leaders. I want to help people reconnect to their true abilities, to fulfil true potential and help them discover what they want to be. More importantly help people reconnect to their true abilities spiritually and to fulfil their true potential as well as people discover what they were born to be. I feel excited with my purpose on Earth in that I feel my days are too short. Given my scientific knowledge and biblical knowledge I feel excited to explain biblical message with day to day life.
I believe in getting evidence based information, understanding information and promoting the practicality of it. I believe in my God given gift of understanding every single bible verse. I do believe in biblical principles because it is the message God gave man to do His work with His will. The principle never change but facts change. I also believe in this fast changing world we as people have lost our spiritual way and we have to rediscover our way. I also hope by bring that spiritual growth in people when I indirectly cover moral issues that we must install in tomorrow’s leaders (our children).I am motivated by my ethnicity to talking about every scripture verse though very little has been preached about in the kingdom of God. I believe in working hard and being positive to save the future of ourselves.
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Publication statusPublished - 17 Mar 2021


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