Clinical Leadership in the National Health Service: Implications for Paramedics

Mel Newton, Linda Nelson

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Leadership is a vital part of delivering high quality healthcare for all healthcare professionals. With the introduction of the NHS Leadership Academy, Leadership Framework and the Competency Framework there has never been a better time for paramedics to hone their leadership skills and expertise. This is the first book of its kind to demonstrate just how vital leadership skills are for all paramedics and explore how paramedics can lead in their everyday practice. Divided into two parts the book looks at both the context of contemporary leadership for paramedic practice and then the specific skills of leadership. The book includes chapters on: What is leadership and who does it?Communication skills & leadershipWorking as a teamDecision makingConflict resolutionMentorship and preceptorship Each chapter includes case studies, examples and quotes from real life paramedic practice to show what good leadership looks like in everyday clinical settings. The book also features profiles of real paramedics that demonstrate the role that leadership plays for all practitioners from novice student paramedics through to specialist paramedic practitioners. Essential reading for student paramedics and practitioners alike.Contributors: Kevin Barrett, Amanda Y Blaber, Graham Harris, Paul Jones, Linda Nelson, Mel Newton, Caryll Overy, Marion Richardson, Paul Street and Surinder Walia."The notion of Leadership within the United Kingdom's (UK) National Health Service (NHS) has without question been one which continues to draw debate amongst policy makers, executive officers, service users, professional bodies and regulators.This book explores the many paradigms in which the notion of Leadership plays an ever increasing role in the lives of healthcare professionals. Its interaction with summaries of leadership ideologies, along with the questions posed by the authors, allow students to delve into the role of leadership, illustrating the various ways in which strong leadership helps shape and improve patient/client outcomes. The book explores the many paradigms in which the notion of Leadership plays an ever increasing role in the lives of healthcare professionals.This publication is not only an essential read for student paramedics, but other healthcare students embarking upon a career within the healthcare setting. Along with student paramedics, this book will assist experienced paramedics and those responsible for educating and mentoring paramedic students.Drawing on a vast range of experience and knowledge from a number of contributors to the book, the text provides insightful and illuminating ideas and suggestions as to how the notion of Leadership helps practitioners develop their own knowledge and skills as they progress through their career to become registered healthcare professionals.I strongly recommend this book to those starting their careers as healthcare professionals." John DonaghyJohn Donaghy BSc (Hons), PgCert, FHEA, FCPara.Principal Lecturer & Professional Lead - Paramedic Science, University of Hertfordshire, UK.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationClinical Leadership for Paramedics
Place of PublicationUK
PublisherOpen University Press
ISBN (Print)9780335263127
Publication statusPublished - 2014


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