Combustion and performance characteristics of SI engine with bioethanol blended fuels

Bhaskar Paluri, Dipal Patel

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The combustion characteristics of single cylinder SI engine with bioethanol blended fuels have been investigated experimentally. It is known that bioethanol (alcohol based fuel) offers range of advantages to be considered as a fuel for SI engine. This advantages ranges from its renewability to comparable fuel properties as conventional hydrocarbon fuels. Moreover, bioethanol can be produces from agricultural and municipal waste. The environmental benefits of bioethanol includes its low contamination to atmosphere and reducing dependency of conventional (e.g. gasoline) fuel for automotive sector. Analyses have been carried out to show the influence of bioethanol blended fuels (from 10% by vol. to 80% by vol.) on combustion and engine's performance characteristics. Furthermore, the investigation is carried out for different blends and across different engine speed including cycle-to-cycle variation analysis. Here, pure gasoline (which already contains 10% by vol. ethanol) has been taken as a reference case. The apparent heat release rate have been computed using in-cylinder pressure. There is significant increase in the heat combustion with the increase in bioethanol contain in the fuel and maximum heat combustion is observed with 60% bioethanol blend at higher engine speed. The fuel consumption increases with the increase in bioethanol percentage when compared with reference case. Bioethanol addition to the gasoline increases the in-cylinder peak pressure during combustion and overall volumetric efficiency. The results suggests that the E20 case shows favorable choice and can be used over E10 case for studied engine without making any adjustments to the engine parameters(or ECU)
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages11
JournalInternational Journal of Energy Research
Publication statusPublished - 17 Sep 2022


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