Comparative Analysis of Hydrate Nucleation for Methane and Carbon Dioxide

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Research in the field of hydrate formation requires more focus upon its modelling to enable the researchers to predict and assess the hydrate formation and its characteristics. The main focus of the study was to analyze the deviations induced in various parameters related to hydrate nucleation caused by the choice of different measuring correlations or methods of their sub-components. To serve this purpose under a range of operational conditions, parameters of hydrate nucleation such as rates of nucleation and crystal growth, critical radius of the nucleus, and theoretical induction time for carbon dioxide and methane were considered in this study. From these measurements, we have quantitatively compared the ease of hydrate formation in CO₂ and CH₄ systems in terms of nucleation while analyzing how various correlations for intermediate parameters were affecting the final output. Values of these parameters were produced under the considered bracket of operational conditions and distributed among six cases using both general and guest-gas specific correlations for gas dissolution and fugacity and their combinations. The isotherms and isobars produced from some of the cases differed from each other considerably. The rate of nucleation in one case showed an exponential deviation with a value over 1 × 10 28 at 5 MPa, while the rest showed values as multiples of 10⁶. These deviations explain how sensitive hydrate formation is to processing variables and their respective correlations, highlighting the importance of understanding the applicability of semi-empirical correlations. An attempt was made to define the induction time from a theoretical perspective and derive a relevant equation from the existing models. This equation was validated and analyzed within these six cases from the experimental observations.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1055
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 18 Mar 2019


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