Deconstructive Play: Empathy, Distance, Diversity

Michael Hall, Paul Elsam, Pete Nevin, Mute Pigeon

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This workshop investigates the power of play between cultures, generations and disciplines, promoting empathy, compassion and positivity in human relations. Groups will work together to deconstruct games and other source materials to invent new ways of playing. Deconstructive approaches from literature, art, theatre and architecture are employed to give insight and generate ideas for cultural and generational interaction. The workshop connects to a project by ACTIVISMO PSD, the Parliament of Social Design, investigating Deconstructive, intergenerational play in Middlesbrough, UK. This session will involve the making of short narrative works (written, performed, produced, built, installed) or proposals for new games to be played. Participation will lead to increased ability to work collectively across cultures and generations. We will work in a studio space with tables, chairs, paper, computer, projector, internet connection and our own devices. We will set up a Video Booth to record descriptions of games to be shared with international partners of the project. What do we mean by Deconstructive Play? Looking at “games” we (or our parents and grandparents) used to play, taking them apart then inventing something else. We will deconstruct games from Asia and Europe by connecting with a group in Japan. We will consider theatre, performance and role play in several cultures. We will learn to translate, interpret and deliberately misinterpret. We will consider learning and unlearning as key attributes in education and look at how we can apply deconstructive principles to the workplace and social spaces. We will work in groups and connect with people from different backgrounds. We will find out if we can play in a foreign language, interpret and misinterpret instructions and rules.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2017
EventCounterplay 17 - Dokk1, Aarhus, Denmark
Duration: 30 Mar 20171 Apr 2017


ConferenceCounterplay 17


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