Differential ratings of perceived match and training exertion in youth female soccer: Differential RPE in girls soccer

Matthew Wright, Francisco Songane, Stacey Emmonds, Paul Chesterton, Matthew Weston, Shaun McLaren

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Purpose: To understand the validity of differential ratings of perceived exertion (dRPE) as measure of girl’s training and match internal loads.
Methods: Using the centiMax scale (CR100®), session dRPE for breathlessness (sRPE-B) and leg muscle exertion (sRPE-L) were collected across a season of training (soccer, resistance, fitness) and matches from 33 players (15 ± 1 years). Differences and associations between dRPE were examined using mixed and general linear models. Our minimal practical important difference was 8 arbitrary units [AU].
Results: Mean (AU ± standard deviation ~16) sRPE-B and sRPE-L were 66 and 61 for matches, 51 and 49 for soccer, 86 and 67 for fitness, and, 45 and 58 for resistance. Session RPE-B was rated most likely harder than sRPE-L for fitness (19 AU; 90% confidence limits [CL]: ±7) and most likely easier for resistance (-13; ±2). Match (5; ±4) and soccer (-3; ±2) differences were likely to most likely trivial. The within-player relationships between sRPE-B and sRPE-L were very likely moderate for matches (r = 0.44; 90% CL: ±0.12) and resistance training (0.38; ±0.06), likely large for fitness training (0.51; ±0.22) and most likely large for soccer training (0.56; ±0.03). Shared variance ranged from 14-35%.
Conclusions: Practically meaningful differences between dRPE following physical training sessions coupled with low shared variance in all training types and matches suggest that sRPE-B and sRPE-L represents unique sensory inputs in girls soccer players. Our data provide evidence for the face and construct validity of dRPE as measures of internal load in this population.
Original languageEnglish
JournalInternational Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 6 Jan 2020


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