Digital Transformation: A Multi-Aspectual Perspective.

Sina Joneidy, Maria Burke, Darek Haftor, Andrew Basden

    Research output: Other contribution


    If we are to engage in shaping the future of our digital community, it is useful to develop a set of shared values. Having these shared values then enables effective communication both between and within different kinds of discipline communities. In view of the diversity of these values, there is a need for a fresh perspective to make sense of them.The workshop will provide a forum for the presenters to discuss values and key issues on digital transformation. This Multidisciplinary Workshop aims to facilitate lively discussion on the implications for our society of “digital transformation” from different discipline perspectives especially employing insights from the Dutch philosopher, Herman Dooyeweerd. Dooyeweerd's suite of fifteen aspects provides distinct yet interconnected spaces in which the meaningfulness and value of issues may be laid out and linked together, drawing on the intuitive knowledge of participants. The workshop will bring together both technology practitioners and participants.
    Original languageEnglish
    Media of outputiConference -iSchools
    Publication statusSubmitted - 2020


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